New SoundCloud hack fresh from the oven here at the Barcelona hack day. It’s built on the same url structure as soundcloud and super easy to use. Simply go to a track page and add a social before the .com and you’re there. example:

Building coding skills and execution by Johan Uhle aka Freenerd. The source is available over at git hub.

SoundCloudSocial -Share your listening!

- synced playback of tracks (anyone on the given soundcloud+social url have control of the players)
- chat (built in html5 and websockets)

Dmitry Fyodorov – Gorilla Cage (Wester Remix)

Check out my new remix of Dmitry Fyodorovs Gorilla Cage on their remix album now out on Adrian Recordings. Mastering was supposed to be done by swedish pop/techno producer Andreas Tilliander but he was in the wilderness recording bears. No idea on who did it in the end. edit: turns out mr Tilliander did it in the end :)

Dmitry Fyodorov – Gorilla Cage (wester remix) by Nils Westerlund

SoundCloud & Samples – Continued!

After a great summer of sample harvesting and helping sample companies finding their customers my sample project at SoundCloud now continues. Keep updated at the SoundCloud Blog. Here’s a good example of what crackin’.

Andrew Sorkin by OLPC Samples

update: just found this excellent post by on the topic:

SoundCloud & CC samples

A 2 Months project starting today will be to harvest loads of CC licensed audio samples for SoundCloud. Turns out there’s loads of huge archives but no really good indexing / browsing system for users to find what they need. SoundCloud will be the perfect platform for this purpose!

Tiger Jeans

Musicproduction for Tiger Jeans Commercial

Photography: Max Modén
Music: Nils Westerlund
Postproduction: Lillasyster
Model: Kalle Lindgren
Hair + Makup: Sofia Lewandrowski

Beckmans XV

Music production for Beckmans School of Fashion XV.

Art Direction & Concept: Clara Tägström, Robin wiman, Stina Kjällquist, Tomas Carlsten, Joakim Lundin, Simon Sved, Sture Pallarp and Michelle Eismann.
Photography: Fredrik Nilsson
Stylist: Elin Edlund
Hår + Makeup: Pari Damani & Sophia Eriksen
Music: Nils Westerlund

wester @ Beckmans VX by Nils Westerlund

mobilee rooftop 3